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Use and Care

General Use

These cloths are designed to be used damp for general cleaning. Simply rinse and squeeze before each use and they are ready to go.

If dealing with large spills, a dry cloth can effectively absorb liquids like a paper towel, but with the added bonus of being reusable.

After using the cloth, rinse, squeeze out the excess water, and lay it flat to air dry.

Cleaning Instructions

Dishwasher - Our favorite method is to place the cloth on the top rack of the dishwasher, and once it's time to unload, simply rinse, squeeze, and lay it flat to air dry. This approach is both easy and convenient.

Washing Machine - The cloths are machine washable.  After washing, it is important to lay them flat to air dry and avoid using a tumble dryer. We recommend refraining from using fabric softeners as they can reduce absorbency.

Boiling - To really get your items sanitized, just boil them in a pot of water. Sometimes, the temperature of the water in the washing machine or dishwasher just doesn't cut it. This boiling method is also great if your cloth has picked up a funky smell. Even though they're usually odor-resistant, they can start to stink if left in a wet environment.